Gas Boilers

95% Efficient Boilers

If you’re looking for a space heating boiler at the lowest possible operating cost, look no further than the Triangle Tube Prestige Solo boiler.  This is a condensing boiler with an amazing AFUE* of 95%!  This means that 95 cents out of every dollar that you spend to power and operate the Prestige Solo boiler comes back to you in the form of hot water.  This boiler is available in sizes to match any need and its direct vent design requires minimal space requirements.  The Prestige Solo with its durable stainless steel heat exchanger, produces higher water volume than competitive units and you’ll love its quiet operation!  The stainless steel heat exchanger “heart” of the Prestige Solo is warranted for a full ten years for both residential and commercial installations.

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95% Efficient Combination Boilers

For high efficiency Space Heating and domestic hot water All-In-One, the Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence Boiler is the smart choice.  With the same 95% AFUE* rating and space-saving design as the Prestige Solo line, the Prestige Excellence boiler features a built-in 14 gallon Indirect Fired Water Heater in the cabinet capable of producing 180 gallons per hour of hot water.  This makes the Prestige Excellence a great choice for families with high hot water demand or those with fixtures such as larger roman style tubs to fill.  Featuring a built-in 3-speed system circulator, quiet operation, digital display, fully modulating, direct vent installation, and ten-year warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger for both residential and commercial installations.

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85% Efficient Cast Iron Boilers

What is the value of a cast iron boiler you ask?  Proven reliability for many applications and overall longevity through simple, straightforward design.  The ES2 line from Burnham Boilers reflects this proven design with an outstanding limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger – how’s that for reliable?   In fact, the Burnham ES2 is the ONLY 85% AFUE* atmospheric** cast iron boiler made in America and makes the ideal replacement for millions of existing boiler installations.  This boiler is designed as an installation labor-saving “drop-in replacement” for most existing boilers, and is available in seven sizes to meet the needs of any home.  Need your replacement boiler to provide your families water heating needs as well?   Relax – the ES2 has got you covered there too!  We can easily adapt your new Burnham ES2 Boiler with a super-efficient indirect-fired water heater, which will give you plenty of hot water for much less cost than having a standard tank-type water heater added to your mechanical room.

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83% Efficient Copper Fin Tube Boilers

The Laars MiniTherm residential hydronic boiler is a value leader that gives customers the highest performance at the lowest cost.    This compact boiler comes in a variety of sizes to meet any heat demand and in a lower installation cost to meet any budget.  Featuring AFUE* ratings of up to 83%, the Laars MiniTherm represents a sizable increase in operating efficiency when compared to the boilers it most often replaces.   With a residential limited heat exchanger warranty of 10 years and a pro-rated limited heat exchanger warranty for the 11th through 20th year, the Laars MiniTherm also provides you and your family with peace of mind.

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*AFUE:  Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

**Atmospheric:  Refers to a gas appliance attached to a “natural draft” standard metal chimney already in use in most homes today.