Trane Air Conditioners

Trane Premium EfficiencyPremium Efficiency

For those interested in maximizing comfort, energy savings and tax credit opportunities, Trane’s XL 20i is the perfect match.   Trane’s XL20i with dual compressors to match your home’s heat load and communicating technology is one of the most efficient and powerful air conditioners on the market with up to 20.0 SEER* operation and Energy Star qualification when part of a matched Trane system.

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Trane Super EfficiencySuper Efficiency

Trane’s XL16i with two-stage cooling prevents temperature swings while providing one of the highest SEER* ratings around – up to 18.0 SEER in fact.  All this and one of the strongest warranties in the industry and Energy Star qualification when part of a matched Trane system.

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Trane High EfficiencyHigh Efficiency

Looking for a more affordable high-efficiency single stage air conditioner option to suit your budget?  Look no further.   Trane’s XR15 is a perfect blend of affordability,  proven Trane technology and  performance up to 16.5 SEER*.

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Trane Standard EfficiencyStandard Efficiency

For an economical choice that delivers years of trouble-free comfort along with SEERs* of up to 14.5,  look no further than Trane’s XB13 series.  This value leader performs in even the hottest climates thanks to it’s legendary Trane Climatuff compressor and Spine Fin coil.

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*SEER:  Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  A comparative rating allowing the end consumer to relate the efficiency of one air conditioner to another.  As a rule of thumb, for each single digit increase in the SEER rating for equal-capacity appliances, the machine should produce the same amount of cooling for approximately 5% less in utility costs.

Tonnage: Central air conditioners are capacity rated in terms of tons of cooling.  This is a measure of the cooling capacity of the appliance, where a ton = 12,000 BTU’s* per hour, and not a measure of the weight of the appliance.  Your comfort consultant can help you decide what cooling tonnage your system needs to be by completing a heat load calculation.  This calculation takes into account factors such as square footage, sun exposure, type of number of windows, wall and attic insulation factors, etc.

BTU’s: British Thermal Units