Denver Boiler Repair, Maintenance, & Installation

Annual Boiler Repair Service Extends the Life of your Heating Equipment

Blue Sky specializes in repairing, retrofitting and installing boilers and hot water heating systems for residences, apartment buildings, condominiums and light commercial properties in the Denver Metro area. We often find that the equipment in these systems could have lasted years longer if the owners had chosen to perform services, cleaning and testing by a trained professional on regular intervals.Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you feel that your boiler system may have gotten behind on maintenance, then you’ve come to the right service company. Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating is focused on the safety, dependability and efficiency of boiler and hot water heat systems.  Boiler maintenance and efficiency testing is not only important for longevity, but is an absolute necessity to ensure your safety. 

Keep Your Family and Home Safe with Regular Inspections

We know that carbon monoxide leaks or an improper installation of chimneys and vent piping can create a serious safety hazard. We will test for that and other concerns while we identify improvements to your circulation and piping to spread the warmth more evenly throughout your radiators to increase your system’s efficiency.  We can also perform a combustion analysis, which identifies tuning improvements which can lead to a cleaner burning appliance that saves you money.

If you haven’t had a boiler inspection in the last year, call us for a complete boiler tune-up, cleaning and adjustment.  If you notice noisy pipes, poor heating performance, some radiators are not giving off heat, there is water leakage around the boiler or you notice that the expansion tank or pressure relief valve is leaking water, it’s time to look into boiler repair.  It’s important to correct these issues early on before they lead to larger, more costly repairs.

If you have an older boiler that is costing you a great deal on your utility bill, we can review it to see whether efficiency adjustments may help, or if you should consider upgrading at some point to one of the new higher efficiency boilers.  In some cases, the efficiency gained from upgrading from an older gas guzzler boiler to a new boiler could be as much as 40%!  Now that’s some utility cost savings you can bank on!

But rest assured that should your boiler merely need a thorough tune-up and efficiency adjustment or minor repairs, that’s all we will suggest.

Our Boiler Repair Services in the Denver area include:

  • Combustion analysis for energy efficiency improvements, safety and dependability
  • Equipment to service and replace circulating pumps and hot water pumps
  • Zone valve and water flow checks
  • Gas leaks and control checks
  • Pressure vessel and expansion tanks checks
  • Carbon monoxide testing and fine-tuning to minimize it
  • Operational safety checks that can give you real peace of mind
  • Boiler replacement – We can replace boilers under emergency circumstances any time of the year and we can review your current boiler and help you plan and pay for its eventual replacement when it’s most convenient.
  • High efficiency boilers and installations – We replace many old and outdated residential and commercial boilers with new high efficiency units, helping many customers realize significant cost savings or increased hot water production.
  • Boiler piping – We can re-pipe boilers so they operate more efficiently and more quietly.
  • Boiler troubleshooting specialists
  • Boiler efficiency tune-up and servicing
  • Cleaning and tuning gas burners and heat exchangers
  • Thermostat recalibration
  • Radiant and in-floor heating service and installation
  • Snow melt system specialists
  • Baseboard heaters, radiant panels and towel warmers

New Boiler Installation in Denver

If your boiler is no longer safe, dependable and efficient, then it’s time to look more closely at replacement options. You are now in a position to realize some serious energy savings, greater comfort throughout and a new warranty that will relieve you of those costly repair bills for years to come. You can rely on Blue Sky to review all the available replacement options with you and help you decide which equipment would be best for the job and best fits in your budget.

Consider the following:

  • How many square feet in the structure? Is it well insulated?
  • Have the windows been upgraded to a higher efficiency?
  • What BTU size (capacity) of boiler do you need?
  • What boiler efficiency rating do you need – Standard or High Efficiency?
  • Has the existing system done a good job of heating all spaces?
  • Do you need outdoor reset controls to help optimize it across a broader spectrum of temperatures?
  • Would a cast iron, stainless steel or copper fin boiler make a better fit for your system?
  • How will you vent the boiler – to the same flue pipe or through another point?
  • Would you like to control your heating from a remote location via the internet or smartphone?
  • Who will provide the “after-installation” maintenance”?
  • Are there any building code upgrades that need to be made?

The knowledgeable system designers and skilled technicians at Blue Sky will ensure that you have the right size, type and installation of heating system that best suits your needs. In Metro Denver, boilers can be installed in a heating or plumbing emergency at any time of year. We have the right energy-saving equipment for your home or building and will professionally install it with the correct controls, flue venting and piping. We are always conscious of efficiency, safety and dependability and we will work to ensure you have a system that you can be truly proud of.  When we are finished, we will review the operation of the new system with you, answering all your questions.

In Denver, boiler repair and professional installation is just a phone call away: 303-421-2161. Schedule your appointment today for your free boiler or hot water heat system consultation.  Whether you’re looking to make improvements now or down the road – you will have a clear plan for success for your comfort system.   

We service Applewood, Cherry Hills, Arvada, Golden, Evergreen and the entire Metro Denver area. You can view our entire list of service areas here.