Denver Sump Pump Repair, Design & Installation

When you need emergency sump pump repair and sewage ejector service in the Denver area, Blue Sky Plumbing is the only call you need to make at 303-421-2161. Whether it’s service and repair you need or sump pump design, installation or replacement, we can help you solve all your pumping needs.

Most of us don’t often think about the sump pump or sewage ejector pump down in our basement, until something goes wrong.  When we’re plagued by heavy rain and lightning, we quietly whisper a prayer that we won’t lose power and risk a flooded basement.  What if these and other concerns were no longer a risk for you and your home or business?  Would you be able to rest easier with greater peace of mind?

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Here in Colorado where basements are the norm, Sumps Pumps are often our last line of defense against harmful and costly flooding.  We carry a full line of automatic sump pumps for just about any application, so we are ready for emergency service. In fact, we often carry standard sump pump replacements right on our service trucks so we are ready to help with your next emergency sump pump repair need in Denver and the surrounding area.  If you’re having constant trouble with your existing sump pump, Blue Sky can provide the technical know-how and design help to upgrade your sump pump to provide a greater level of protection for you and your home.

Crawlspace and Window Well Pumps

When we’re visited by periods of heavy rain or a basement window well overflows, we count on our pumps to be there to keep our homes dry and safe from catastrophic flooding.  We repair and service most all types and brands of modern sump pumps and de-watering devices and we can install new systems to suit just about any need.  Blue Sky will survey your needs, ask a few questions to help uncover your desired outcome and design a sump pump system that not only functions well, but can give you and your family real peace of mind.

Don’t have a pump where you need it most?  No worries – we can design and install a new sump pit and pump that meets the needs of your particular home.  These pumps have a built-in float and with routine maintenance, these can be installed and put on “automatic pilot” to keep your window wells dry or to keep harmful moisture out of your crawlspace or other low-lying property areas.

Sewage Ejector Pumps

Many homes have waste piping or even entire bathrooms that are sufficiently below grade to need a “lift station” of sorts to pipe away waste up to a septic system or the city sewer.  That’s the primary purpose behind sewage ejector systems – to carry away more than just waste water.  Blue Sky carries a full line of sewage pumps and sump pits to cover your sewage ejector needs.  We can repair your existing pump to get things going in an emergency or we can design a replacement system to better suit your home.

Thinking of adding a toilet or a complete bathroom below grade?  Or maybe you would really like a bar sink or utility sink in an area where there is no existing drain pipe?  We can often accomplish this without costly and disruptive concrete cutting and excavation.  Blue Sky is well-versed in installing toilets that “flush up” and designing sinks and entire bathrooms where waste water is “lifted” up to the house main drain or out to the city sewer.

Call us today and share your plans with our designer.  We will be happy to show you all the ways we can help design the guest bath, bar or fully functional bathroom right where you’ve always wanted it.

Sump Alarms and Back-Up Pumps

One occurrence that most of us will eventually face is that one day our sump pump or sewage ejector pump will fail, leaving behind a potential mess and insurance nightmare.  If you’ve already been through this situation then you already know what a catastrophe this can be.  Now, what if we told you that this was largely a preventable issue?  Would you be interested in knowing that there are design alternatives? Blue Sky is experienced in designing and installing Pump Alarms that can alert you to a needed repair BEFORE a costly overflow mess is encountered.  That way, you are empowered to take corrective action before having to contact your water extraction professional or insurance agent. These alarms monitor the action of your sump pump or sewage ejection systems and sound a local or even remote alarm. These systems can alert you to reach out to your plumber to correct an issue in a timely and much less costly manner.

Also, if you have a home that you swear is built upon an old river bed because during certain months the sump pump runs practically all of the time – you need a back-up pump.   A back-up pump is usually a two-stage sump pump or ejector pump design that should the primary pump fail, the secondary stage pump will engage.  Blue Sky can assess your home and recommend the staged sump pump system that will give you real peace of mind throughout the year.

Live in an area where power is often lost?  There’s still plenty of help for you!  Blue Sky can design and install sump pumps with battery back-ups.  Whenever main power is lost, the secondary battery back-up engages to continue the work, providing you the ultimate in back-up design and flexibility.

Still need more protection?  One thing that is very reliable during power outages is the municipal water system.  Just think about it – When was the last time you lost city water during a storm?  We can use this system to provide a layer of protection for your home and family that you may not have considered by installing a back-up pump that is powered by city water pressure.  Once you own one of these systems you’ll be the only person on your street without flood worries when the next big storm hits!

Call us today at 303-421-2161 for emergency sump pump repair or sump pump installation in Denver and the surrounding areas. We can design the right sump pump, sewage ejection pump, alarm or back-up system that best suits your home, family and budget.