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Sewer Line Excavation

Sewer Line Excavation

Services that respect your wallet and yard.
Discovering an underground sewer pipe has a break or leak can be incredibly stressful. Naturally, you’ll have concerns about how much the service will cost, what impact it’ll have on your yard, sanitation, and more. Our excavation specialists have in-depth experience, integrity, and the skills to make your sewer line repair/replacement as convenient and affordable as possible (having completed over $400,000 worth of excavation services alone in 2016).
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While your sewer line excavation is urgent, we’ll carefully create the best plan for your budget and landscaping.

When you meet with our estimator, we’ll discuss:

1) Your video inspection

Send us your video today for a free, second opinion.
Sure, any plumber or homeowner can operate a video camera through a line, but only licensed professionals with excavation experience, like a Blue Sky plumber, should diagnose the issue. Considering the financial investment you’ll be making, we’ll review your video free of charge, so you have a second opinion.
If you need a video to inspect and locate potential breaks, leaks, or bursts, call or chat with us today.

2) All of your options

There are multiple ways to fix an outdoor sewer line (spot treatments, trenchless bursting, and lining). Depending on several factors, we’ll present you with every possible method to repair your pipe(s), so you can make the best choice for your lifestyle.

3) Payment plan

Of course, the cost of excavating your sewer pipe is at the top of your mind. Since most insurance policies do not cover this service, we offer several payment methods to work with your budget:

- Out-of-pocket
- 12-month same-as-cash
- Long-term financing
Our excavation specialists are available anytime to provide you an estimate. Call or chat with us now.

4) The strategy for your yard

We understand the value, sentiment, and cost of landscaping. Our plumbers are trained to handle your yard with the utmost care and respect.

5) Our service’s process

With some of Denver’s best sewer line excavation specialists on our team, almost all of our jobs are completed within one day:
Step One: Identifying utility lines
Before excavation day, we’ll visit your home to map out the trenches. Locating your other plumbing, electric, and natural gas supply lines is required by Colorado before we can begin. So we’ll call in professionals within each industry to mark or flag your yard. Let us know if your pets use the backyard so we can notify them ahead of time. You may want to temporarily store away lawn furniture and accessories. On excavation day, it could be noisy and busy outside, so you may want to make arrangements for your pets and family.
Step Two: Preparing your yard
On excavation day, our crew will first decide how to handle our equipment and trench work so there is as minimal impact to your yard as possible. For example, we will pile dirt on tarps or boards to preserve your lawn.
Step Three: Repairing/replacing your pipes
As the work begins, we’ll methodically excavate the broken/leaking pipe(s) so they’re repaired or replaced with new and improved versions. To make sure your investment is long-lasting, we’ll continuously assess each, necessary detail is done with the highest skill, sanitation, and quality.
Step Four: Permits and inspections completed
As we complete your sewer line excavation, we’ll submit any required permits or paperwork to the city (such as if we needed to connect your supply line to the main tap). We’ll arrange for a city inspector to come out and ensure the work is up to code.
Step Five: Finishing your yard
Once our work is approved, we’ll fill the trenches and carefully clean so you can update the landscaping or replace the sidewalk. Within a few short weeks, your yard can look good as new!
Ready to get going?
Schedule an estimate for your sewer line excavation with us at your earliest convenience by phone, chat, or our red form.
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