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Which Famous People Were Plumbers?

Which Famous People Were Plumbers?

Yes, many a famous person kicked around with a wrench in their hands while they were waiting for their big break.

Famous Plumbers

Here are a few people that we found were plumbers at one point in their lives.

Fatty Arbuckle

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was a silent film star comedian. He was not actually a plumber in that he was not licensed. Instead, he served as a super in a hotel, performing whatever jobs might need doing, including plumbing. One day, he was doing some work in the hotel and he was singing, and the tenant in the room, a professional singer, thought he was pretty good, and invited him to participate in a talent show.

Although he didn't impress with his singing, he did impress with a flair for physical comedy. In a few years, he signed a film contract for $1 million, a far cry from the $1100 he was earning as a super.

Michael Caine

It's hard to imagine Michael Caine as a blue - collar anything, considering so many of his famous roles, such as his breakthrough role in Zulu, show him as an upper - crust Englishman with no taste for manual labor whatsoever. But in the time between his Korean War service and his film career, he worked at many odd jobs, including as a plumber's assistant.

Ronnie Lane

A bassist for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band The Small Faces, left school to become a plumber at age 16. However, he picked up a guitar, then joined a band, man. Although he was born in London, he died in Trinidad, Colorado, of MS at the unfortunately young age of 51.

Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd was a bank robber who was revered for his Robin - Hood - esque approach to crime, which made him very popular among people in the Great Depression, the first and worst instance of Wall Street's greed hitting Main Street's pocketbook. Floyd was a plumber briefly between his arrest for robbing payroll and his turns as a bank robber. He died as he lived, fighting the FBI and police, when he was killed while resisting arrest in 1934.

John Gotti

John Gotti wasn't technically a plumber - he was a plumbing supplier. Supposedly. Anyway, that was his cover story. Instead, he was actually a big - time mobster. After officials failed to secure convictions during three high - profile trials in the 1980s, he earned the nickname, the Teflon Don. But like all Teflon coatings, this one eventually wore off when one of his underbosses turned state's evidence and Gotti was convicted of five murders and other counts in 1992.

Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins was born in Suffolk, England during WWII, and he had a hard time getting a good job during the tough economic times after the War there, and he tried his hand as a plumber along with other trades. However, his stint at this job ended when he set fire to the boot of a coworker.

Although he started acting at age 25, he hasn't completely turned his back on the profession, playing plumbers in Brazil (okay, technically he's an HVAC guy), and, of course, Super Mario Brothers.

Ozzy Osbourne

Apparently, like many feckless lads in England, Ozzy Osbourne tried his hand as a plumber's assistant after dropping out of school. But, unlike many of them, Ozzy decided to give up the honest trade in favor of a life of crime. When he was nipped and sent to prison, he decided to give up both plumbing and crime and go into music.

Our plumbers may not be as famous as any of these people, but we promise you they're better plumbers. If you need a plumber, please contact Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating today.

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