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How to Fix a Toilet Handle

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Whether your toilet handle is loose or it isn’t flushing the toilet when you push it, the problem is usually easy to fix. After all, toilet handles are fairly simple mechanisms, overall, and it’s often easy to figure out what isn’t working so you can get a replacement (if necessary) and fix the problem fast.

Fixing Stripped Threads on the Handle

If you examine the toilet handle and find that you can’t tighten or loosen the nut on the back of the handle, its threads are likely stripped. You can wrap the bolt threads in either electricians or plumber’s tape, then replace the nut and see if it will move properly. However, your best long-term fix is to replace the entire handle mechanism with a new version.

Fixing a Toilet Handle that’s Loose

If the toilet handle is loose or droopy, tighten the nut on the inside of the toilet bowl. You may need pliers to do this. Don’t make it too tight, though, or you might break it or strip the threads. If your toilet handle is hanging all the way down in or below the flush position, try to loosen the nut, position it properly, then tighten it again. If it keeps drooping, you may need a new toilet handle and assembly.

Fixing the Chain

If the handle seems to be positioned properly but the toilet won’t flush, check the chain inside the bowl. Make sure it is connected to both the handle and the flapper, and that moving the handle successfully pulls the chain up and raises the flapper so the toilet can flush. If you find any problems in any part of the process, replace the relevant parts until the toilet flushes again.

Fixing the Handle Arm

If you’re still having problems and wondering, “How do I fix my toilet handle?”, try checking the handle arm itself. Take it off the toilet and hold it up to the light, where you can inspect it for cracks, holes, wear and tear, or other problems. Even a small crack in the handle can cause significant flushing issues, so take your time and work carefully.

If you find any problems, your best bet is to replace the entire handle, assembly and all.

Replacing a Toilet Handle

Make sure you buy the right handle from the store. Note the brand of your toilet, the flushing mechanism, and which side of the bowl your handle is on. If you’re not sure what to buy, take

pictures of the inside and outside of your toilet, then show them to an employee at the hardware store to get some help.

Most toilet handle kits contain detailed installation instructions. Follow these carefully, then test your new handle when you’re done.

Call Blue Sky for Professional Help With Your Toilet!

It’s easy to learn how to fix a toilet handle. If you need some help or you don’t have time to tackle this task, call us at Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating today. We’ll be there soon to help you out!

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