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Air Conditioning Maintenance Denver

Fast & Affordable AC Tune Ups in Denver & the Surrounding Area

An air conditioner is a huge investment for a homeowner. If you want to get the absolute best performance in return for the money you spend and keep your cooling system from breaking down on you at the most inopportune times, you have to show your AC some tender loving care from time to time. That’s where Blue Sky comes in! Call our air conditioning experts to schedule routine AC maintenance in Denver or the surrounding area.

We understand that you live a busy life and have to keep up with a hectic schedule, but neglecting your air conditioner will eventually lead to a bigger hassle down the road. Blue Sky makes regular air conditioner maintenance so easy, with prices so reasonable that there’s just no reason to put off scheduling a visit for one second more. 

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Why You Need an AC Tune Up in Denver

Just like any other major appliance, your air conditioner suffers wear and tear after working hard, day after day, to keep you cool.

Air filters get dirty and clogged with debris, hindering the unit’s ability to push cool, clean air through your ducts and out the vents in an efficient manner. This not only taxes the air conditioner, but it also wastes energy — which costs you money!

In addition to issues with the filters, there are other potential problems that could cut down on the performance of your AC system:

  • Running low on refrigerant
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Leak in the system
  • Dirty air ducts

A regular air conditioner tune-up can fix all that. To keep your energy bills down, prolong the life of your air conditioning unit, and improve the quality of your indoor air, it’s essential to schedule regular air conditioning maintenance in Denver or the surrounding area with the experts at Blue Sky.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance in Denver & Beyond

There are a few reasons to consider an AC tune-up in Denver. The most popular of the benefits you could reap, according to our customers, include:

  • Save energy. When your AC gets tuned up, it will work more efficiently. It won’t need nearly as much energy to keep you cool next summer!
  • Save money. When you’re not using as much energy, you won’t be spending as much on energy bills, either. In fact, you may end up with a significant amount of money to spend on the things you love!
  • Avoid breakdowns. While we can’t guarantee anything, investing in A/C maintenance means there’s a much smaller chance your AC will break down this summer.
  • Keep your AC for many years. If you don’t want to replace your air conditioner, get an AC tune-up every year so you can avoid wear and tear on your unit.

What’s Included in a Home AC Tune Up?

When we come to you for your air conditioning tune-up in Denver, we will:

  • Change your filters, if you have them
  • Clean out the coils and other places where dust and debris can gather on and in your AC unit
  • Visually inspect your whole HVAC system
  • Test each part of your AC to make sure it is working the way the manufacturer designed it to

From Aurora to Boulder, we've got you covered. Contact our team today at (303) 625-6225!

Air Conditioning Services FAQ

  • Do I need air quality testing?
    Are you concerned about your indoor air quality? Do you want to breathe high-quality air and you’re not sure if you’re doing so? Then air quality testing might be right for you. We recommend air quality testing if you’ve had construction in your home or in nearby areas. You may also want to have your indoor air tested if you’re struggling with allergies and asthma when you’re in your home. We can test for all sorts of contaminants, then let you know what we find, and design an air filtration or purification system that will address your specific needs.
  • How can I spend less on cooling costs?

    When your air conditioner is working efficiently, you won’t have to spend as much on cooling costs. Here are a few tips for making your air conditioner work better:

    • Change your filter regularly. When your filter is dirty, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to get the air that it cools.
    • Use a programmable thermostat or one you can control with your smartphone. This allows you to keep your home warmer when you aren’t there while still lowering the temperature before you get home.
    • Check your insulation. Insulation isn’t just for the winter! In the summer, it can keep your cool air inside and the warm air outside so you can stay more comfortable for a longer time.
  • Do I need a new air conditioner?

    Not sure if it’s time to buy a new air conditioner? Our experts will come to take a look at your current one and let you know what they recommend. We usually tell people to get a new A/C under the following circumstances:

    • Your current air conditioner is near the end of its lifespan and you’re concerned about an emergency breakdown or our technician thinks that a breakdown is near.
    • You need to fix your air conditioner and the repair will cost more than half the cost of replacing the unit.
    • You’ve been calling frequently for A/C repairs and you’re tired of the hassle or you feel like you’ve spent too much money on smaller repairs.
  • How do I clean my air conditioner?

    Cleaning your air conditioner can be a great way to keep it running well and make sure that it isn’t working so hard that it experiences extra wear and tear.

    1. Turn off the air conditioner and flip the circuit breaker so it’s not getting any power.

    2. Remove the cover on your outdoor unit.

    3. Use a condenser cleaner to clean your condenser coils. Follow the directions on the bottle to achieve maximum cleanliness.

    4. Change your air conditioning filter.

  • Should I call for AC maintenance?

    We offer comprehensive air conditioning maintenance. However, a lot of homeowners aren’t sure why they would ask for this service because they aren’t sure how it benefits them. Here are just a few of the things you can gain when you call us for A/C maintenance.

    • A more efficient air conditioner. Make your air conditioner use energy better, which will lower your bills every month.
    • Stay cooler at home. Your air conditioner may be able to process more cold air after it gets tuned up, which means that it will be more effective at cooling your home.
    • Avoid major A/C problems later. Find any potential air conditioning issues before they cause a major malfunction and get them fixed before you need to rely on your air conditioner again.
  • What is the best type of air conditioner for me?

    Most people think of traditional air conditioners when it comes to cooling their homes. However, there are actually many options when it comes to getting you and your family comfortable during the summer. Your options include:

    • Central air conditioners
    • Window air conditioners
    • Portable air conditioners
    • Heat pumps
    • Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems

    Every situation and every person requires a different type of air conditioner. Our experts will take a look at your situation, talk to you about your cooling needs, and then recommend the type or types of air conditioner that we think would work best for you.

  • Which air conditioning services does Blue Sky offer?

    No matter what is going on with your air conditioning, we’ll work with you to help you find the right solutions for your needs. We can fix your air conditioner, replace it with a new one, and install any parts you need to have installed. We’ll make sure you have the cool air that you and your family need so you can live well all summer long.

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    Mario got out the same day and fixed the clog/leak in my AC system. He went the extra mile and helped me to clean out my unit outside. He answered all of my questions and educated me on beat in-class usage/maintenance.

    - Lucas N.
    "Perfection from the moment we met at our home."

    I would like to thank your company for the excellent service I received on my cooling system a few days ago from both Jake Canady and his partner Gage. They both went above and beyond my expectations.

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    This review is for Daniel and Eduardo who did the installation of my new AC and furnace on September 7-8. I want to thank them for such excellent work. They both were very courteous and respectful of my property.

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    I will always use Blue Sky for my plumbing and heating needs. I'm new to the area and finding a great contractor like Blue Sky really makes me feel at home. They are local and really provide great value for their exceptional service.

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Air Conditioner Tune-Up-Why It's Important

Did you know that every year you should get your air conditioning system tuned-up? Not only will this help your system run more efficiently and cool your home better but it will also save you money on cooling bills.

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