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Why You Should Get Your Gas Insert Fireplace Serviced Every Year

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Why You Should Get Your Gas Insert Fireplace Serviced Every Year

Gas fireplace inserts are a wonderful way to provide extra warmth in your home, both physically and aesthetically. A gas fireplace insert complements the heating power of your furnace or boiler while creating a cozy, comfortable ambiance in a living room or other gathering place for your family and guests to enjoy.

Best of all, gas fireplaces burn cleanly and neatly without the need for firewood, and they function with minimal upkeep.

However, that doesn’t mean they require no upkeep. Just like any other appliance you use regularly in your home, a gas fireplace needs regular TLC in order to function properly — not to mention keep your living space safe.

The heating repair experts at Blue Sky recommend having your insert serviced every year, and here’s why:

Debris Builds Up Over Time

Even though you’re not burning wood, you’re still burning fuel, and with repeated use, residue will start to form on the interior of the fireplace, on the glass doors, as well as in the chimney. Ceramic logs also will begin to break down, creating more buildup. All this must be cleared away with a thorough cleaning for the fireplace to work properly. You wouldn’t let your furnace toil away, year after year, without cleaning it, would you? Your fireplace is no different. Make thoroughly cleaning the glass and interior a regular part of your routine, so you always have an unobstructed view into your fireplace.

Functionality Decreases With Wear and Tear

In order to function, a gas fireplace depends on several mechanical components. This includes the gas line, valves, and the devices that work together to monitor fireplace heat and keep the pilot light lit (called the thermopile and thermocouple). If there’s a leak in a line, a faulty valve or the thermopile or thermocouple has worn out and needs to be replaced — which does happen — and your fireplace will not work.

Poor Ventilation is Unsafe

Gas fireplaces burn clean and produce very little soot, but they still need to vent exhaust to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the living space. A blocked chimney will stand in the way of that important process. Combustion byproducts and moisture can build up in a chimney and cause it to deteriorate, and animals can build nests that create a blockage and disrupt ventilation. All of these issues can easily be remedied with an annual fireplace inspection and cleaning.

While annual maintenance will help prevent problems with your gas fireplace, there’s always a chance unforeseen issues could arise and you’ll need to call for additional service. Keep your eyes — and nose — on alert for the warning signs illustrated in this infographic:

Whether you’d like to schedule gas fireplace insert maintenance, or any heating repair in Denver or any of the surrounding communities, give the team at Blue Sky a call today!

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