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The Importance of Yearly Furnace Maintenance

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Yearly furnace maintenance is key when it comes to keeping your furnace in great shape. It can also help you maintain your warranty coverage on your furnace.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Yearly Furnace Maintenance?

Yearly furnace maintenance helps keep your furnace running efficiently. This helps it heat better, because it can heat more air faster and it will be able to pump it throughout your home with more ease.

Save on Energy bills

It also helps keep your energy costs down. Your furnace will produce more heat when it uses the same amount of energy, so you won’t have to pay as much to heat your home.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Yearly furnace maintenance can also help you keep within the conditions set by your furnace warranty. Many of these specify once- or twice-yearly maintenance in order for the warranty to be valid.

Some homeowners insurance policies or home warranty policies cover yearly furnace maintenance. Find out if yours does today by calling your company and asking.

Keep your Furnace Running for Longer

Finally, furnace maintenance helps keep your furnace running well for years. No one wants to pay to replace a furnace, and yearly maintenance is one of the best ways to put this off for as long as possible.

What Can You Expect From a Furnace Maintenance Visit?

Most furnace maintenance visits include at least 4 things: a visual inspection of your HVAC system, a filter change, cleaning out dust and debris from the unit, and testing each component of your furnace to make sure it’s working the way it was designed to.

Are Maintenance Plans Really Worth It?

Many people choose to sign up for a furnace maintenance plan. This gets them yearly furnace maintenance and they don’t even have to think about it. It also gets them a discount on any repair services and some other benefits.

These plans are a great idea for many people, especially if you don’t have insurance coverage that will take on the cost of furnace maintenance. You get a great deal on maintenance and, if we find any repairs that you need, you get a discount on getting those done, too.

Call Blue Sky for Furnace Maintenance in Denver & the Surrounding Cities!

If you’re interested in furnace maintenance in Denver or a furnace maintenance plan, call us at Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating today. We’ll get to you fast and get your furnace working well again soon! When you want to do the best thing for your furnace, call us and schedule a maintenance visit today!

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