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Places Where Leaks Love to Hide

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Flushing Your Tankless Water Heater is Essential

Leaks. They seem so insignificant, yet they’re so dangerous. Most homeowners don’t realize that a small leak can waste up to five gallons of water in a day. Not only is this wasteful and costly, but it’s also indicative of a much bigger problem. Your plumbing system needs immediate attention if it’s housing a faulty pipe. A small leak today means a massive flood tomorrow. So, let’s put our work boots on and find this leak.

Toilet Bowl

The most common culprit of a hidden leak is your toilet. Toilet tanks have a lot of valves and internal components that can allow water to leak if they’re not sealed properly or become damaged. Luckily, verifying a toilet leak is easy. Just follow our instructions below.

toilet leaking


Your whole house is outfitted with pipes running from the main water line, between rooms, and out to the sewer system. The effortless flow of water from one pipe to the next is what makes your plumbing system run smoothly until one of those pipes develops a leak from being under constant pressure and getting worn down. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which pipe is at fault, but you can check those that are immediately available to you. Check under your sink for puddles or signs of water damage. If you don’t find anything, the leak may be in your wall plumbing. For this, you’ll definitely need to call our Denver team for pipe repairs in your local area.


Some of your most trusted kitchen appliances are connected to either the main water line or a drain pipe. The garbage disposal connects directly to your sink and the dishwasher. You probably don’t think to check if either one of these devices develops a leak until the system is damaged beyond repair. Don’t forget to check behind your refrigerator for leaks due to a bad water supply line connection as well.

Hot Water Heater

If your plumbing system depends on a traditional water heater for hot water, a leak could spell disaster. Not only will a leak affect your hot water pressure and quality, but it can also mean the end of your hot water heater as you know it. With such an expensive appliance on the line, you don’t want this leak to fester and cause even more damage. You’ll be paying for a water heater replacement and water damage reparations, when you could have just paid for a leak detection and repair instead.

Suspect a leak in your home? Don’t wait any longer to contact Blue Sky Plumbing for expert plumbing repair services in the Denver metro area.

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