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How to Change an AC Filter

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AC maintenance in Denver, Wheat Ridge and the surrounding area should include filter changes and a check of your entire air conditioning system.

You can always call us at Blue Sky any time you need air conditioning help, but if it’s a problem with your filter, changing it out is a relatively simple task you can do yourself to save time and money. Just remember that your filters should be replaced more often than your annual AC maintenance service.

To learn more about changing your AC filter, keep reading! If you have any questions or need to schedule service, contact the Denver HVAC experts at Blue Sky today!

When Should You Change an AC Air Filter?

How often you change your AC filter depends on a variety of factors, including how often you run your unit and its age. If you’re only using your air conditioner once in a while, you can probably get by changing your filters once every six months. Older units nearing ten years old or AC systems that run all day may need filter changes more often. Our HVAC techs can provide an accurate estimate of how often you should replace your filters.

Why Should You Change Your AC Filter?

Dirty, clogged filters are often responsible for AC units that aren’t cooling properly. Failing to install new filters could also lead to higher energy bills as your AC works overtime to cool your house. Beyond the comfort of your home, dirty air conditioning filters also impact your health and can lead to itchy eyes and a compromised respiratory system.

AC units with dirty air filters are also uncomfortable. Weather spikes in Denver can make your home feel hot and unbearable without an AC that can keep up with the demand for cold air. There are also plenty of studies that show that breathing better air also leads to improved decision-making and productivity. You’lll probably also notice an improvement in your mood when you can breathe cleaner air, feel more comfortable, and aren’t spending a bundle on your AC.

How Do You Change an AC Filter?

It’s usually pretty easy to change out a dirty AC filter to keep your home feeling comfortable and fresh. Here’s a guide to do it on your own, or give our Denver or Wheat Ridge air conditioning professionals a call and we’ll show you how during a scheduled appointment for AC maintenance.

1) Turn Off Your Circuit Breaker

First and foremost, turn off the circuit breaker associated with your air conditioner. It will keep you safe and ensure the electricity is off when you’re working on it. You should also go ahead and turn off your AC unit to avoid a power surge when you turn everything back on.

2) Find the AC Filter

If you’ve never changed an AC filter before, you may need a few extra minutes to find it. They’re usually found behind the return cuts in the air handler of your attic or basement. If you don’t have the manual, look it up online to identify where the filters are. You’ll probably need a screwdriver to remove the panel and gain access to the AC filter.

3) Make Sure You’re Using the Right AC Filter

Using the wrong size AC filter won’t do you much good and could make the problem worse. It will likely lead to dust build-up in your system’s motors and blowers and impact the air quality of your home. The old filter should have its size printed on the size. Otherwise, you can ask your HVAC tech or a local hardware store for help.

Make a note of your filter dimensions in a binder with all your important household information. If you can’t find the exact match, you can usually use a thicker filter if the dimensions are the same. The goal is to keep out as many allergens and germ particles from your home as possible.

4) Install Your AC Filter Carefully and Properly

Take a look at your filter and make sure you’re placing it in the right direction. It’s helpful to take a picture of the old filter first. You can also keep your old filter in the place while you put the new one on and then gently remove the old. Reposition everything to fit snuggly and you’re all set!

5) Turn on Your Circuit Breaker and AC Unit

Once your AC filter is in place, turn on your circuit breaker and then turn on your AC unit. It may also be necessary to restart your thermostat. You should feel cold air blasting within a few minutes.

Call Blue Sky for AC Maintenance, Repair, or a New Installation Today!

You’re done! Keep Blue Sky’s information handy for any ongoing maintenance, repairs or an AC replacement. If you’re uncertain or nervous about changing the filter yourself, let us do it with you during a maintenance call. It’s better to get help and have peace of mind knowing exactly what to do than compromise your AC system.

Blue Sky is here to help with all of your Denver air conditioning needs. We can replace your filters and help restore the comfort of your home. Call us today or schedule your appointment online!

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