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What to Expect When You Get an Electrical Safety Inspection

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What to Expect When You Get an Electrical Safety Inspection

You rely on your electrical system every day. After all, you need it to help you get the power you utilize for all sorts of things, from turning on the lights to powering your entertainment systems.

Simple electrical problems can become major issues fast. Sometimes, parts of your home simply stop working, like that one outlet you can’t use. Other times, you can end up with house fires, burns, and more!

One easy way to avoid these problems is to have your electrical system assessed regularly. Here’s what you should know about getting an electrical safety inspection for your property.

When to Call for an Electrical Safety Inspection

You can call us at Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating for an electrical safety inspection at any time. We recommend you definitely call when:

  • You’re adding a major electrical appliance, or upgrading to a modern version that might need more power
  • You’re doing home renovations or adding onto your home
  • Your home hits the 40 year mark
  • You’re buying a new home

Types of Electrical Safety Inspections

There are several types of electrical safety inspections that we can do. Most people who call us want a service inspection. This involves looking at your electric panel and testing it to make sure it is handling and distributing electricity properly.

We can also do an electrical rough in inspection. This most commonly happens when a new electrical system is being installed or when you are adding onto your home. Our inspector will look at your wires, conduits, connections and more to ensure that everything has been installed properly.

Finally, we can also perform a final inspection. This is key when new parts of your electrical system are being installed. It tests the final installation to be sure that it is working properly and safely.

What Does a Standard Electrical Safety Inspection Include?

Unless you need an electrical rough in inspection or a final inspection, your electrical inspection includes:

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  • Testing all switches and outlets
  • Inspection and testing of your electrical panel
  • Testing grounding throughout your electrical system
  • Examining the system for potential electrocution and shock hazards
  • Testing GFCI outlets and systems
  • Checking for surge protection throughout your system
  • Testing any wired-in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

If we find any problems, we’ll notify you and work with you to fix them ASAP. We’ll never leave you in a dangerous situation with your electrical system. Call us at Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating today and we’ll take care of your electrical needs.

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